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0000202My infrastructureGeneralpublic2023-11-25 13:24
Reporterdvl Assigned Todvl  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000202: add Nagios check for bacula-sd-04 for proper mounting of ZFS
DescriptionThere's nothing there

root@bacula-sd-04:/usr/local/bacula/volumes # ls -l *
total 0

total 0

total 0

total 0
root@bacula-sd-04:/usr/local/bacula/volumes # 
Steps To ReproduceYet, they are all mounted:

[12:58 r730-03 dvl ~] % zfs list | grep bacula 
data01/bacula-volumes                         8.40T  4.94T       96K  /jails/bacula-sd-04/usr/local/bacula/volumes
data01/bacula-volumes/DiffFile                71.6G   952G     71.6G  /jails/bacula-sd-04/usr/local/bacula/volumes/DiffFile
data01/bacula-volumes/FullFile                3.80T  2.20T     3.69T  /jails/bacula-sd-04/usr/local/bacula/volumes/FullFile
data01/bacula-volumes/FullFileNoNextPool      3.94T  4.94T     3.94T  /jails/bacula-sd-04/usr/local/bacula/volumes/FullFileNoNextPool
data01/bacula-volumes/IncrFile                 599G  1.92T     92.9G  /jails/bacula-sd-04/usr/local/bacula/volumes/IncrFile
data01/jails/bacula-sd-01                     10.3G  4.94T     10.3G  /jails/bacula-sd-01
data01/jails/bacula-sd-04                     2.11G  4.94T     1.71G  /jails/bacula-sd-04
data01/jails/testing-bacula9                   650M  4.94T      597M  /jails/testing-bacula9
zroot/jails.DEPRECATED/bacula-sd-04            911M   395G      911M  none
[12:58 r730-03 dvl ~] % zfs get -r -t filesystem mounted data01/bacula-volumes 
NAME                                      PROPERTY  VALUE    SOURCE
data01/bacula-volumes                     mounted   yes      -
data01/bacula-volumes/DiffFile            mounted   yes      -
data01/bacula-volumes/FullFile            mounted   yes      -
data01/bacula-volumes/FullFileNoNextPool  mounted   yes      -
data01/bacula-volumes/IncrFile            mounted   yes      -
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2023-11-25 13:24

manager   ~0000217

The problem arose when starting the host. Restarting the jail, all was OK.

Problem was legacy mount usage, overlaying the parent filesystem over top of the child filesystems, hiding them from view. Classic problem.

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